Vegan Birthday Cake Truffles

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Have I got a MAJOR recipe for you! I had to get this easy vegan dessert recipe out there in the world, so you could be celebrating with me.

So… my birthday may be over *technically*, but I am still gonna celebrate with these Vegan Birthday Cake Ice Cream Truffles.

You know when you’ve tasted a dessert so good you eat half of it in one sitting? Like is perfectly sweet, creamy, tastes like cake batter, and made with only five simple ingredients! You just want to dig in & share the recipe! A delicious force to be reckoned with.

Well, one of my fave Dairy Free Ice Cream brands of all time just partnered with me for this recipe and you’re NOT going to want to miss this one! Get ready to head to the store and stock up on some Hudsonville Dairy Free ice cream!

(Yes, I am clapping, I don’t know if I can stop!)

Sprinkles, Cake, Ice Cream, ugh. Who *doesn’t* want this combo?

Rich cake batter flavored ice cream, filled with raw vegan cake bites, and rolled in colorful sprinkles. Literally all my childhood ice cream dreams come true. ​

Grab a scoop of Birthday Cake & let’s party together!

Get my EBOOK “Under the Moonlight”:

Full Recipe:


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