What I Eat ♡ Vegan Grocery Food Haul (Supermarket) ♡ Vegan Recipes

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Hi lovelies! Just a quick video today showing you some things I got in my vegan grocery haul. All of the food you see is from the supermarket (Coles and Woolworths). I hope this helps and gives you some ideas about what to eat if you’re wondering how to start a vegan lifestyle. xx

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8 thoughts on “What I Eat ♡ Vegan Grocery Food Haul (Supermarket) ♡ Vegan Recipes

  1. Love it. When I see a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, I see a life of abundance.

    What is one of your staple foods/recipes?

    1. Yes! That’s one of the great things about a vegan lifestyle! 😉 I have a lot of staples haha but one of my absolute favourite things is baby spinach. Packed with nutrients, so versatile and fun to use! I have also been loving it as garnish. Adds a little green and you can’t even taste it. 👌🏽 What are your staples?

  2. Lol I might just copy your shopping list because this is great. The total for all of this is only $118.17. It’s way cheaper than my old shopping list when I was buying animal products! You also bought a lot of organic items and it’s still cheaper than when I used to buy meat! I really want to try the cannellini beans and mangoes because I never had them before and everyone talks about them, haha. Thanks so much for this video! 🙂

    1. Great comment and so true! I think a lot of people have the misconception that a vegan diet is expensive or complicated but as you pointed out it’s cheaper than a diet based on animal products. It’s even cheaper if you get stuff from the farmer’s market. You should try some fresh mangoes if you get the chance! We’re blessed in Australia as they are in season right now and I was able to get a few quite cheap. Hehe. 😘😘

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