Vegan Latte Art with French Press

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For those of you who don’t drink dairy products I’m making a latte based on Almond Milk using French Press, microwave and frothing pitcher.
1. Ground coffee – 20 g
2. Boiling water – 50 ml
3. Almond Milk – 120 ml
Almond milk should be heated up to the temperature 60-70 C, do not boil it!

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Latte Art with French Press

  1. Hi Alex! Are you still using your Bialetti Brikka? I got it a month or so ago after I saw your video but no matter what I did I couldn’t quite get the crema appearing. It just doesn’t froth like it did on your video. What do you think could be wrong? The type of coffee? The grind size? The dose? The heat or is my Bialetti defective? BTW I’ve almost exclusively used Single Origin arabica about 1 week old and tried tinkering all the sizes that my Hario Skerton can do. Where do you think is my problem? Thanks!

    1. Brilliant. It seems that neither the heat nor the grind size is the issue then. I’ll use bottled water and then try an “espresso blend” from a local roastery (the guy said it’s 80% arabica and 20% robusta so I think it’s what you meant). I really really do hope that this works because sadly if all of these fail then the only possible explanation would be that something is wrong with my particular Brikka (or maybe you have other tips? that’d be great!). Anyway thanks for the time you “wasted” on answering my questions, hehehe. Keep up the good work.

    2. Daris Alfafa Hario is a good grinder for Brikka, no need to change it. Thanks to you I’ve just drunk 2 cups of coffee from Brikka using Hario as a grinder(MSS1) – both with a crema, and my grinding was pretty coarse. It could be the type of water you’re using – too hard. And you can give it a try to use not pure arabica beans, but a mixture with robusta, as it produces a lot of crema, and this is a usual component in Italian coffee. Try water from a bottle – is there any difference? To me you’re doing everything right. As for the temperature – I’m using high flame, but on the smallest burner.

    3. Yes, I can confirm that it’s a Brikka with the top pressure valve. I did use the finest grind ( I believe it’s for espresso machines) and still, no crema came out 🙁 (I tried coarser grinds too). I don’t think the Hario Skerton can go even finer. It would be a bummer if I have to use another grinder. I always used cold tap water and use the amount exactly shown in the H2O indicator (the water is almost touching the H2O). Is that right? Can you tell me the size of the flame that you used? I tried High, medium and low and I think Medium works best although the amount of Crema is nowhere near the one you had. I think if all else fails then I can probably infer that there’s something wrong with the particular unit I have.

    4. Daris Alfafa , it could be the grind size, try make it finer. Your beans are good, and it’s very hard to use a wrong amount of coffee as you just fill the ports filter up to the rims. Another possible reason – your water. Use cold water, and the exact amount – use the marker on the Brikka’s inner wall. And it’s Briikka, not another Bialetti type like Moka, right?

  2. Thank you for this demo. I’m trying for days now but I still can’t make the art. The milk becomes very thick so when I pour it all the cup surface is white. How am I doing it wrong?

    1. You’re injecting too much air! Start with the plunger immersed in the milk. Let the plunger mesh appear over the milk surface only once or twice, after that – it shouldn’t reappear over the milk surface (the exception is when you do it very slow to break the bubbles on the surface.

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