Tinda Shorba Ingredients-Vegan Recipes Indian-Indian Squash Recipe 2018

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tinday shorba:
tinda shorba ingredients-vegan recipes indian-indian squash recipe 2018
In this video i will cook the tinday shorba with very easy and quick method also telling you exact quantity of ingredients. Ingredients are very important for any recipe to built it great taste. Tinda is great vegetarian and vegan recipe at the same time. tinda shorba is the tasiest way to cook indian squash. tinda is great vegetarian recipe for beginners. this vegetarian recipe is in urdu. it also has english subtitles to make it easy to understand for all. tinda is excellent pakistani and indian vegetarian recipe in urdu/hindi.

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Assalam-o-Aliakum, I am Farah from pakistan. I create flavourful dishes inspired by indian upbringing. on my you tube channel you can find lots of vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, Chicken recipes, Beef and Mutton recipes, drinks and beverages, snacks and many more.
love 2 cook proud to present the delecious, aromatic and exotic pakistani and indian taste and flavour. My recipes are very simple and easy to cook. I use minimum ingrediants and spices to prepare a dish.
I share my recipes and tips which I have learned over a period of time through practice and keen observation.
I also believe you don’t have to suffer a lot to maintain your weight and health. Just make some healthy changes in your current diet and it will be perfectly fine. I do not use lot of oil to cook a dish. I prefer to shallow fry instead of deep frying.I substitute the ingrediants with the healthy option. For example oil or different spices. I use clarrified buttere for cooking because its easily available in pakistan, you can use any healthy option which you like or have.
I also love to try new flavour and spices and doing fusions and challeging my taste buds.
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