Vegan Birthday Cake Truffles

Have I got a MAJOR recipe for you! I had to get this easy vegan dessert recipe out there in the world, so you could be celebrating with me. So... my birthday may be over *technically*, but I am still gonna celebrate with these Vegan Birthday Cake Ice Cream Truffles.

Easy Vegan Cheesecake Recipe | Alt-Baking Bootcamp | Well+Good

To get notified about new video uploads, subscribe to Well+Good's channel: Today, we're tackling our first no-bake dessert with a vegan & gluten-free cheesecake recipe! This recipe is super easy, packed with nutrition, & super delicious! Watch to learn how to make the recipe, along with all of the

Quick Vegan Brownie Recipe (Gluten Free) | Microwave Mug Cake

Today I am sharing with you quickly healthy microwavable mug brownie recipe. If you like your brownies fast, sweet and easy, this is perfect for you then! You will need: 2 tablespoons buckwheat flour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder baking powder coconut oil date syrup or any other syrup you like water Then you can eat it with


Today we've got three delicious & healthy vegan NO BAKE desserts. These recipes are easy to make, taste amazing and are perfect for the summer. Or keep a stash of these healthy dessert recipes in your freezer for easy snack all year round! ☆ RECIPES ☆ - ALMOND BUTTER CUPS: - NO

Classic Vegan Milkshake || Vegan Milkshake || Vegan Milk || Vegan Recipe

Classic Vegan Milkshake || Vegan Milkshake || Vegan Milk || Weightloss Recipe Start your day with peanut milk banana shake which can also be had as a meal for weight loss Your blended drink doesn't have to contain dairy to taste good. These vegan milkshake recipes are delicious, packed with nutrients,

Vegan Desserts Even Non-Vegans Will Love | Best Recipes for Vegan Sweets

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or are simply craving something sweet, these indulgent plant-based and dairy-free dessert recipes (from brownies to ice cream to the chocolate chip cookies) promise to please any palate. Vegan Desserts Even Non-Vegans Will Love | Best Recipes for Vegan Sweets Welcome to the channel Easy Food

Vegan Chocolate Brownies – Loving It Vegan

Vegan Chocolate Brownies - Loving It Vegan. Vegan chocolate brownies that are ultra moist, mega chocolatey, dense and fudgy. A chocolate lover's dream. For the full recipe visit: Find more delicious vegan recipes here:

Carrot Cake (vegan!)

What's upi EFNation! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Do you like carrot cake! Well, if you do, have I got an awesome recipe for you! So recipe, like so many that we do on this channel is quick and very easy to put together! Happy Eating! You Will Need: 1

Recipe: Sweet Potato Vanilla Caramel Cake [Gluten Free, Raw Vegan]

Sweet potato lovers! This delicious mousse cake 🍰 has chocolaty-nutty base and vanillary-caramelly filling with dark chocolate drizzle Cake base * Walnut * Hazelnut meal * Dates * Vanilla * Salt * Cacao * Soaked almond * Cinnamon Vanilla sweet potato mousse filling * Sweet potato purée * Vanilla * Dates * Tahini * Cinnamon * Coconut

Vegan Walnut Coffee Cake

Vegan Walnut Coffee Cake - this cake is completely dairy free and eggless, great for vegans, vegetarians and those who is allergic to eggs. I personally not a vegans and have no problem with eggs or dairy products, but this cake is so delicious just like any other cakes. I

Vegan Gluten-Free Iced Holiday Shortbread Cookies

These vegan gluten-free iced holiday shortbread cookies are the perfect addition to any festive gathering. A simple, 5-ingredient shortbread dough is rolled out, sliced (or punched out with cookie cutters), and baked until crisp and golden. The cookies are then slathered with vegan royal icing and topped with sprinkles. This