Vegan Birthday Cake Truffles

Have I got a MAJOR recipe for you! I had to get this easy vegan dessert recipe out there in the world, so you could be celebrating with me. So... my birthday may be over *technically*, but I am still gonna celebrate with these Vegan Birthday Cake Ice Cream Truffles.

DRUNK Vegan Unicorn Cake! Our 1st Birthday!

We've been at this for a whole year... and we're no better off for it. To celebrate we're baking and butchering the Little Blog of Vegans recipe which can be found here... () If you do a better job than Leora (it's not hard) please post your results down below!

MAKING MY VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE (Coconut Tres Leches) | allycancook

HEY GUYS! This weeks video we show you how we made my vegan birthday brunch cake!!! We followed thug kitchens recipe () and it turned out amazing! This video is a bit more informal and fun then what we usually do - lots of laughter and a couple swear words ;)