Ricotta Tart Recipes | Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe

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Come join me in my kitchen while I show you how to make a delicately delicious ricotta tart that’s surprisingly super easy!
(Vegan, of course)

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13 thoughts on “Ricotta Tart Recipes | Vegan Ricotta Cheese Recipe

  1. Lmao “ey rocko!” you’re hilarious & my favorite vegan, found you in a new veg support group, keep on keepin on you’re tha best!

    1. Lynette Bintliff hahaha yaassss!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 💕✨

  2. I’ve never seen The Soprano’s either. I’m old too. ha ha I put in my que a couple weeks ago to watch. This tart looks amazing. This would be perfect for the vegan potluck I just started attending.

    1. The Vegan Hippie omg yaassss!!!! It’s so deliciousssssssss! I’m excited to make another one today with the extras!

  3. Ok girl, ads playing thru just for you!!

    Omg this looks so good and light and fresh for the Summer🤤🤤🤤🤤 officially on the to do list!

  4. This looks deeeeelicious !! I love watching your recipes cos you sound so happy and that Italian accent is great (I am Italian). You make my day ! Thank you.
    P.S I didnt know about the ads. I will watch them – Justa fora you !! (and Rocco ofa course).

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