Keto/Low Carb/Vegan Bubble/Boba Milk Tea Recipe ?Miwako?

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Hello everyone, this video took me a long time to do due my schedule but here you go, this is my first ever food recipe. I will be making a Bubble Tea or Boba Tea that can be used in any diet such as Keto diet, Low carb, Vegan diet or Diabetics, it’s for everyone. This recipe is made with shirataki/konjac. There are other alternatives using gelatin with other ingredients.

***introduction, 3:33 cooking part****

I hope you like mine 🙂
As I said in the video, if you want bigger shirataki will have to buy them on alibaba(so far i know)

I also have an instagram dedicated to my keto meals if you were interested
Instagram: miwako_ketojournal

the coffee machine is unavailable at the moment but when its in stock i will share the link.

shirataki rice, 1 bag
sweetners( i used stevia, i used around 9 packets)
Milk or creamer of choice (I used 1/4 cup almond milk, 30 calories)
ice ( I added 3 cubes of ice to my Mug)
tea(i used 2 black tea bags)
mug with thick straw (dollar tree)

1. boil your water/ tea like you normally do. I did 4 cups of water and added 2 bags of black tea to my coffee machine. I normally do my tea in coffee machine and it works the same as any tea maker.
2. while you wait for your Tea, Wash your shirataki pearls with running water. (the shirataki smells really fishy and bad so if you’re very sensitive cover your nose. Wash until the smell disappears) Then remove all excess of water from the shirataki pearls.
3. Heat your stove in medium and add some oil to your skillet so the shirataki pearls doesn’t stick.
4. Add the shirataki pearls to the skillet and cook for 4-5 mins. Add 1-2 packets of sweetener and a pinch of salt and keep mixing.
5. when it’s almost/completely “dry” remove it from the stove and pour it in a container/plate.
6. you have 2 options: a). let it cool down completely. (if you leave your shirataki with it’s sweetener overnight they will have a stronger flavor, it’s your choice. I opted for b.) because i couldn’t wait.
7. Your tea must be done by this time. Start by pouring it into a bigger bowl and add the amount of sweetener to your taste,mix.
8. Let it cool down on the fridge or add ice to your mug when serving. (The tea taste way better when it’s very cold. i preferred to use ice in my case than wait.
9. Start by adding ice to your mug, as many as you need, pour your tea and add 1-2 tbsp of shirataki pearls to your mug, you can add as many shirataki pearls you want since they’re very small. and viola. you have a refreshing mini boba tea drink.
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Shirataki Rice-

Stevia Sweetner-

Black Tea Macaroon Flavor. I mentioned in the video, I loved it.good if you like sweets-

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10 thoughts on “Keto/Low Carb/Vegan Bubble/Boba Milk Tea Recipe ?Miwako?

  1. You are brilliant! 😀 Muy ingeniosa tu idea. Me encantan los shiratake noodles, pero nunca pense que los veria en bubble tea haha I wanna try this recipe, Looks yummy and Its definitely a lot lower in calories than the original thing so thats awesome! 😀

    1. Woooot super happy that you liked this recipe! Sabes entonces la textura que es medio similar a la original en mi opinion. Espero que guste. Quisiera conseguir las bolitas mas grandes pero tiene que ser en alibaba. Por ahora estoy es lo que hay xD.

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