Episode 4 with Vegan Cake Decorator and Biz Owner Irina Bradley | Bake Like A Vegan Pro

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This episode interviewed Vegan Baker and Cake Decorating Queen Irina Bradley, owner of Quokka Cakes.

– Top tips for starting a vegan cake business, cake pricing, dealing with customers, being innovative, achieving your goals
– Fondant/Buttercream Decorating Advice
– General advice and insights in to keeping your business afloat

Find Irina’s business here:
She is located in Perth, Australia

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One thought on “Episode 4 with Vegan Cake Decorator and Biz Owner Irina Bradley | Bake Like A Vegan Pro

  1. 3:30 Irina talking about her vegan journey
    7:00 Going from a vegan home business to setting up a commercial kitchen
    9:51 How Irina innovated the commercial kitchen to suit customers needs
    13:53 The steps Irina went through to get her wholesale cake product into mainstream stores
    17:31 Irina explains her wholesale cake product
    27:34 AUDIENCE QUESTION – How do I charge the right amount of money for my cakes
    29:53 Cake decorating advice – top tips for fondant
    34:29 AUDIENCE QUESTION – What do you do when family asks for a cake
    36:34 AUDIENCE QUESTION – What is the most challenging thing to learn about your business
    40:35 AUDIENCE QUESTION – Would you suggest doing cake decorating courses
    44:02 AUDIENCE QUESTION – Can we use instant mash potatoes for pipping practise
    45:55 AUDIENCE QUESTION – Where do you buy cake drums online
    50:25 Cake decorating advice – top tips for working with buttercream and making drip icing

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