Cookshop Professional Blender Demo: MacaMocca Protein Drink Coffee Replacement (Vegan Gluten Free)

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Start the day with a Vegan and Gluten Free Macca Powder and Cacao Power, Soya Milk drink. The MacaMocca is also a perfect ‘Post-Workout’ Protein source to help repair those muscles.

This is my all time favorite blender ….and NO I have not been sponsored to say that….I bought this a few years ago from IdealWorld, but they no longer sell it. In my opinion, it’s better than the Blendtec and a third of the price. The only issue it has, is the jug can’t be submerged in water, as it has bearing in the exterior base. I don’t have a problem with this, I just fill the jug with a 3rd of water and washing-up liquid then blitz for a second, all done!

i have found this seller on the internet, selling the same model (please note I am not endorsing this seller, please feel free to search for this model elsewhere).

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4 thoughts on “Cookshop Professional Blender Demo: MacaMocca Protein Drink Coffee Replacement (Vegan Gluten Free)

  1. Thank you for you video i will looking into the powders, might explain my oxygen levels a little as well. Not a vegan, but dietary wise as vegan nearly as a vegetarian can be. Thank you for the Pressure Kings Pro Video as well am deciding about that one still

    1. My brother is a read the contents nut and he tries to stop my having more iron. Im still sure its the copper i have a low intake of. Yes i caught your wonderful black beans 🙂 Cant have the Vitamin C rich food because of my digestion. I have allergies and reactions, so its a bit hard at time being a vegetarian for me. Do have tofu at time, But some of the processed ones taste like they have loads of salt in. Just added the youtube app to my phone as well so i will try not to miss your videos or replys 🙂

    2. I struggle with iron too. I’ve been using cast iron pans when I can, you’ll see them in my videos. The aim is to eat iron rich foods such as beans, tofu, seeds etc with vitamin C rich foods. I’ll post a simple beans in tomato sauce video for you tomorrow using a cheap cast iron pan from TK Maxx.

    3. Becqause of you video i have looked at my very limited diet these past few months, i ave had no iron intake unless by accident and nothing with copper. Thank you. Will sort that out.

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