Bees easy vegan lemon and blackberry cake

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Bee’s vegan lemon cake with thyme and blackberry

Makes enough for one generous 8 inch round cake layer (double the batch for a regular 2 layer cake)

460 ml full fat soya milk (@bonsoy is my fave here, its super rich, but @alpro is cheaper)
zest AND juice of two large lemons
110ml olive, vegetable or groundnut oil
460 g self raising flour (gluten free works, just use 1tsp xantham gum, 1 tsp baking powder and approx 1/3 ground nuts e.g. almonds)
3 tbsp of finely chopped green herbs – e.g. thyme, lemon verbena, rosemary
340 g caster sugar

Zest and squeeze your lemons and pour both into the soya milk, mixing gently to allow it to curdle.
Meanwhile, put the flour, herbs and and sugar into a large bowl and mix to combine, then pour in the oil and soya mix, beating until smooth.
Pour into your parchment lined baking tin, and bake at 175 degrees for around 20 – 25 minutes, or until a cocktail stick inserted into the sponge, comes out clear.
Allow to cool before icing.

Filming by Jonny Garrett
Location by Tromso café, Forest Gate London. Thank you Hedvig and Lorna, I owe you a large cake!
Music by Otis McDonald

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